3 Key Tips for Preventing a Cable Crisis

“Prior preparation prevents poor performance”

When you take the time to consider the future of your data center, take time to create cabling strategies, and then keep everything consistent, not only will you prevent headaches, but you’ll save an astounding amount of money as well. Here are three simple and great tips on how to prevent a cable crisis within your data center:

Tip #1: Always plan for growth

Your data center will have a finite amount of space, so it’s best to start optimizing sooner than later. Part of planning for growth is laying the ground work with your cable. Make sure you install an infrastructure that’s prepared to handle a larger capacity in the near future. How big is your conduit? If it’s just big enough for your current equipment it’s probably too small for any future growth. Do you have extra room in your tray? You should. Can you access anything on your server racks without problem? Again, you should.

Tip #2: Create a cabling strategy

As the title of this tip suggests, you need to have a strategy in place for all of your cabling. Below are a few quick hit plans that can you quickly begin to implement.

  • Each cable type should have it’s own pathway and separate rack
  • Always plan for easy access, management, and reasonable bend radius of your cables
  • Choose cable solutions that are rich in features and scalable with future designs
  • Where applicable use cable solutions that are interchangeable and fully backward-compatible

Tip #3: Simplify for sustainable success

  • Document a process for labeling. Having a consistent system is extremely beneficial in the long run
  • Use cable seal grommets that help when lifting panels and/or changing cables
  • Make sure all cables are the appropriate length and not eating up valuable space or preventing access
  • Back to basics, use a color-coded system for cable types managed through separate cable pathways or trays. If you can’t look at a color and instantly know it’s purpose then your system isn’t up to par

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