David Dowdy

Account Manager, Rackmount Solutions

Buzzfeed: Filler Blanking Panels 101

Filler Blanking Panels: To Buy, Or Not to Buy Filler blanking panels are an important part of just about any server rack for a variety of reasons. While many believe that filler panels are purely for aesthetic purposes, they’re actually vital in promoting good airflow and assisting in keeping rackmounted IT equipment at acceptable temperature …

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5 Important Features to Look for in a Data Center

With the proliferation of data creation and new requirements from today’s technologically-driven business world, expanding your business’s IT infrastructure into a data center makes good sense. Choosing where to house this critical information is one of the most important decisions any business owner will ever make. Our friends over at DataSite, a colocation provider with …

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Buzzfeed: 10 Popular Types Of Server Racks & Cabinets

Server rack cabinets have become a staple in the technology world. Whether it be in data centers, classrooms or offices, they’re not hard to find. And as anyone who has worked with them knows, not all server racks are created equal. There is great variation in both the servers themselves as well as the racks …

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Solutions for Small Space Constraints

Are you stuck in a small space where a full size rack simply won’t fit?  Maximize your space with one of these small, but useful wallmount racks. Whether you need something vertical, with access from the sides, quiet, or open, wall mount racks provide elite versatility without taking up too much space. OPEN FRAME SOLUTION: …

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Data Center Downtime

Quite possibly the most dreaded time an IT professional can go through. Data Center Downtime. In this infographic from INetU, we take a look at some telling numbers such as the cost per minute, frequent culprits,  how long downtime lasts (even for major companies), and how it effects the company both internally and externally. What …

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