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All About Kendall Howard

All About Kendall Howard: Wall Mounts, Server Cabinets, Accessories, and More! We’re trying something new here at Rackmount Solutions: a manufacturer spotlight. Through the spotlight you can learn about different manufacturers, their products, and why we believe they are the best of the best. This week’s manufacturer spotlight is on Kendall Howard. Our Relationship with …

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Kendall Howard LAN Station Rackmount SOlutions

LAN Stations: Practical and Pretty

Practical and Pretty LAN Stations: The Versatile Solution for Your Office, Lab, and Work LAN Stations. Fancy desks? Or more than that? Answer: Most definitely more! You may be wondering exactly what a LAN Station is. LAN stands for Local Area Network, and these stations provide storage, work space, and support for all of your …

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How to Handle Harsh Environments

How to Handle Harsh Environments: Finding the Right NEMA Cabinet to Withstand the Elements Think that you’re the ultimate tough guy? Think again. Your server rack environment could be even tougher. And not in a good way. A tough environment can severely damage servers and other tech equipment if not protected properly. Harsh environments could include …

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