Air Conditioned Cabinets

Air conditioned server rack cabinets can save you an astounding amount of money in the long run, not only because of their efficiency, but because they add years of life to equipment due to their cooler operating temperature. Save Money. Save your gear. Below are Rackmount Solutions articles on Air Conditioned Server Rack Cabinets.

Three Steps for Cooling Your Data Center

So you need to change your cooling approach, but you’re afraid it’ll require massive adjustments and expensive purchases. Not necessarily! Here are some simple steps you can take to increase cooling efficiency without breaking the bank. 1.  Improving Air Circulation First, you need to make sure you have proper air circulation inside your cabinets. By …

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Server Rack Cooling with AC

Air-Conditioned Server Racks Provide Convenience, Protection and Equipment Safety

Rackmount Solutions now offers air-conditioned server cabinets that can withstand your most rugged indoor conditions. Especially designed for environments that have inadequate ventilation, are not the proper temperature, or are prone to accumulating and circulating dirt, the cabinet makes it easier for you to safely and efficiently store and maintain your equipment.