2 Post Relay Racks

A collection of Rackmount Solutions best articles on 2-Post | Telco | Relay racks. Whether aluminum or steel, how to choose, what accessories make the biggest difference, we do our best to provide as much server rack knowledge as possible.

Network Racks 101

What is a Network Rack? Also known as a Local Area Network (LAN) Rack, 2-Post Rack, Relay Rack, or Telco Rack, these network racks hold a variety of equipment including network switches, routers, servers, patch panels, and cables. These racks are typical 19″ wide and similar to other server racks, they are measured in “U” …

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Server Rack Accessory Terminology

Below is a snapshot of commonly used terms when discussing Server Racks, Server Cabinets, and Wall mounts.   Cage Nut: Cage nuts are used on a server rack with square mounting holes. This useful hardware allows you to change threads intermittently while never incurring stripped tapped holes on your server rack. Cage nuts come in …

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Cruxial 4 Post Server Racks

Data Center Capacity Spikes and using DCIM

What are some of the biggest efficiency wasters in the average midsized data center? Demand Spikes One common source of inefficiencies for data centers is operating at higher capacities than anticipated (Spikes in demand). A prime example of this is retail operations; they often see a greater demand during the holidays than they do at …

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2 Post Rack Conversion Kits

2 Post Rack Conversion Kits | Rackmount Solutions

  One of the challenges in an IT department is when a rackmount product doesn’t fit the rack on hand. Have you¬†considered 2-post rack conversion kits for your telco or relay rack? There are also third party sliding and fixed rackmount rails specifically designed for the DELL PowerEdge server family. Mounting your 4 post server …

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